Welcome, and maybe welcome back! Let me explain what this is if you haven't been here before. This is my carrd dedicated specifically to my comic, Stray Nightmare! At least for now. In the future, I may add more sections for future comics.

Super big thanks to my boyfriend Jeffrey for helping me with making this carrd :o)

Meet my ocs!
These are the characters introduced throughout Stray Nightmare.
List in order of introduction

Our loveable protagonist, Adam! Introduced in chapter 1. He is a friendly man who loves nothing more than his girlfriend. He is generally pretty shy, even around close family, and is a total crybaby. He loves bright colors, chocolate, and animals. He aspires to be a good role model to the various children and teenagers he accidentally befriends.

Girlfriend of Adam, sister of Steve, and vessel of Eithymera, Delilah! She is a fun-loving woman who loves having company over and making lots of friends. She was introduced along with Adam in chapter 1. She loves bees, plants, and any other nature related things. She loves her job as a florist, but her dream job is working as a beekeeper. Her favorite colors are yellow and brown.

Our main antagonist, sort of, Steve! He was introduced in chapter 1 with his little sister. A quiet and generally secluded man, Steve spends most of his time reading or napping. He doesn't show much emotion on the outside, but don't be mistaken, he isn't heartless! He struggles very much with dealing with emotion and expressing himself. His only goal is to survive. He acts as a vessel for Krakrofis, who he works with to not die. He runs a small cult (the Children of Krakrofis) to aid him, hoping to satisfy him. It is filled with mainly children who he kidnapped from bad homes almost twelve years ago at the time Stray Nightmare begins.

Our Goddess of Dreams, Eithymera! She was introduced, like many others, in chapter 1. She is very friendly and curious, especially about human culture. While she is only here to stop Krakrofis from taking over, she loves making friends with humans and learning about them. Her best friend is Delilah, and they love to talk during the day and at work. She is very fond of Adam, despite the two never talking until chapter 2.

The one and only God of Nightmares, Krakrofis! He is the complete opposite of Eithymera, as he was intended to be by their upper gods. He was the last character introduced in chapter 1. He is generally apathetic. He seems to only care about getting more land for his monsters, but has a closer relationship to Steve than he does with much other people. He cannot speak or communicate, but gets his point across either way. He is not interested in making friends as much as Eithymera, but he has his select few who he's chosen to help him in his mission. Those being the people in him and Steve's cult, the Children of Krakrofis.

Mike is initially introduced as a mysterious character in chapter 2. He has no actual speaking roles until late chapter 4. While being in the Children of Krakrofis, he does not exactly abide by the rules and orders he's given to follow. He tries his best to aid Adam and his friends, while not getting in too much trouble within the cult. He seems very serious and irritable on the outside, but when he's not under a lot of stress he's actually a very loud, fun-loving, and genuinely caring guy. One of his only talents comes in the form of music. Because of the cult, he (exactly like the others) has been gifted his own power, for him being shark-like abilities, shown most importantly with his ability to switch out his teeth for a sharper set, and an enhanced sense of smell (especially with blood).

Close childhood friend of Delilah and Adam, Granger! She is introduced in chapter 2 when Adam calls her for help. She lives with her girlfriend, Jess, living a generally uneventful but content life in a small house for the two of them. She's very laid-back until someone she cares about is in danger. She's very brave and doesn't hesitate to jump into action where it's needed. She and her girlfriend are both former members of the Children of Krakrofis, having left years before the events of Stray Nightmare. They are very knowledgeable about the cult but keep it to themselves. Even though she left, she still has her powers from it, which are to be shown in later chapters. She has terrible eyesight due to a curse (from leaving), and relies mainly on colors and sounds to navigate. She is Lee's older sister!

Women want her, fish fear her, Jess. She's introduced as Grangers armrest in chapter 2. She's completely mute due to a curse similar to Granger's, but doesn't have much to say either way. She also has powers because of the cult, hers being the ability to teleport wherever and the ability to summon monsters from the Netherworld (Krakrofis’ original home and origin of her powers). Acting very similarly to a common housecat, she spends a lot of her time napping and getting into places she shouldn't be. She is almost always wearing a mask, which she only takes off at night and to shower, and never around anybody but Granger. She does this not because she fears covid (covid doesn't even exist in Stray Nightmare), but has a very large scar on her face she's insecure about. She is very devoted to Granger and goes along with whatever she says.

A very outgoing and kind young boy, Lee is introduced in chapter 3. He is known for talking a lot and having no fear when it comes to meeting new people. He is quite desperate for friends, willing to talk to anybody. The ice cream man, a guy in an auburn sweater, the daughter of a cult leader. He loves all things colorful and sweet, interests that seem to reflect his personality.

Mia is introduced in chapter 4 with the rest of the Children of Krakrofis. She finds fun in the violence that comes with the cult. She doesn’t care too much for other people, or at least she doesn’t show it that often. In her free time she has a hobby of doing makeup. She has fun doing makeup with Steves daughter Maze too. Her favorite ice cream flavor is neapolitan (my boyfriend wanted to know). She has her own power with the cult, which is electricity!

Arthur is another member of Children of Krakrofis introduced in chapter 4. The first thing we learn about him is his power (from Krakrofis), which is fire. He is usually a gentle guy, caring for anybody he comes across even if they’ve never actually met before. He especially cares for Mike, who he’s dating. In his free time he has plenty of hobbies like gaming, sewing, and cooking.

Malachi actually belongs to my boyfriend, but he’s a part of Stray Nightmare so he gets his section here too
Malachi is the last member of the Children of Krakrofis introduced in chapter 4. He’s one of the more loyal members of the cult, following the rules closely and listening to Krakrofis’ will. He has the ability to read other’s minds, sometimes using this to communicate more effectively with Krakrofis and for predicting his enemies moves. He can also tell someone’s distance by this. His favorite ice cream flavor is cherry garcia and he likes anything with cinnamon. He’s close with Mike, the two being very close friends and constantly goofing around together and doing dumb shit.

Dave is technically introduced in chapter 3, but he only shows up for one panel and is very easy to miss. His first speaking role is at the end of chapter 4. He is Lee’s (adoptive) brother. He can come off as apathetic at times, but is actually genuinely caring towards Lee and his antics. He can be protective, but not too much so. He likes to play games and mess around when he’s with his friends.

My name is Zaven or Joey! I am 16 years old and I use he/it/doll pronouns.

I’ve been drawing since I was about 9 or 10 when I first discovered Five Nights at Freddys and wanted to make my own FNAF ocs. I’ve been drawing consistently ever since. I first made the og cast of Stray Nightmare (Lee, Adam, Granger, Jess, Steve) in around 2017.

Stray Nightmare has been written and rewritten numerous times since then as well, but I made the final draft in early 2020 shortly before covid hit.

My interests include drawing, comics, Yugioh, FNAF, Clone High, Cookie Run, Raggedy Ann (and Andy!), early 2000s emo culture/online culture, and Famous Last Words the band.

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